Meet Marge Bock, 88 years young and an avid sports fan.  She spends her summers in Omaha but while she’s in Tucson, she can be found training at Pusch It.  She has been working with us for the past 3 years and when Marge first started training, she declined to be weighed because she was so uncomfortable.


Marge had her knee replaced this past summer and upon her return, she then allowed herself to be weighed because she had lost a significant amount of weight due to the surgery.  Three months later, she approached her trainer, concerned that she had put on 5 pounds.  Those 5 pounds were actually the result of muscle gain!  Her body fat has decreased overall by over 5%!


Marge is an incredibly hard worker and puts forth her best effort every session and that hard work and dedication has paid dividends.  She has full range of motion and is working to rebuild the strength in her operated knee.  Even as Marge works hard, she knows how to have fun too.  Each laughter-filled session with Marge simply flies by.  She says that her trainer's constant kindness and the way she varies the program help to keep Marge motivated.  

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