Meet Ross Markwardt, he has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and was told there are risks associated with building strength and muscle.  When he began training  in January of 2013, he had very poor posture which negatively affected his gait pattern.  He also had been lifting weights at another facility that were far too heavy via gross compensations and resulted in a badly impinged shoulder.


His trainer started slowly, working on soft tissue release and gait retraining.  He said, “I feel weaker since I’ve been working with you” She knew it was impossible to lose strength in only 4 sessions.  Still, she feared losing him so she appealed to Ross’s sharp intellect.  She sent him journal articles and videos that confirmed her philosophy and methodology.  Once Ross had a better understanding of what they were trying to accomplish, he decided to put forth his best effort.  For Ross, that’s easier said than done.


Growing up as the “weak kid” and believing that there wasn’t anything he could do about it; exercise had never been the highlight of his day.  To bolster his self confidence, he decided to dress the part.  Ross has an unequaled wardrobe of flashy workout attire and clever t-shirts that brings the studio to a standstill each time he walks in.


To date, Ross has more than doubled the weight he can do on the lat pull down and leg press with good form.  His posture and gait have dramatically improved and he reports feeling more confident in his day to day activities as well as when he travels.  Ross’s whole demeanor has brightened and he is much surer of himself.  He says he will continue to dress sharply though, to bring smiles to anyone else that is currently struggling as he used to.


Ross, we are so proud of your many successes and more so because none of it has been easy.  It is an absolute joy to watch your hard work pay off!

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