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Amber Stazenski - Chek Level 3- Rehabilitation Specialist


Through the years Amber has helped improve clients quality of life by increasing mobility and strength, two key components to living and staying independent as one ages. Constantly looking to find and utilize new tools, Amber understands there is not one approach that will serve everyone. This is why Amber enrolled and completed course work through the Chek Institute and received a Level 3 certification. She believes that taking time to build personalized programs for each client contributes to every individual's success.


Amber’s passions include strength training and spending time outdoors hiking, camping and hunting with loved ones. Equipped with a compassionate outlook on life, Amber enjoys connecting with people trying to better themselves. She chooses to live by the philosophy, “1% better everyday.” a quote from one of her favorite mentors, Todd Durkin.

Jessica Katz - ACSM-CPT

Jessica graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor's Degree in 

Communication Studies.  She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.  

She recently moved to Tucson from her hometown of Chicago to advance her personal training career. Jessica enjoys hiking and rock climbing and once in a while she's been known to do stand-up comedy as well. Laughter can be amazing medicine.  

Jessica believes in the philosophy that. "It is never too late to be what you might have been." She also believes in the ripple effect, having found that once a small change is made, other beneficial changes will follow.  

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